Elizabeth Vair Alvin Ailey

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre demonstrated a striking blend of styles and stories throughout their performance. With new pieces and classics such as Revelations, they captivated the entire audience. Yet, the piece that interested me the most was En, a fairly new piece from 2018. I could not see as clearly defined as a story as I saw in the other works. In the Call, I could see the story of a mother. In Revelations, I could understand the gospel stories. In En, I understood the concept of time but not much else. It felt open to the interpretation of a concept everyone faced: the passage of time and our inability to slow it. The overwhelming ticking of the clock could be felt in your chest as you watched the performance, and the ambiguous characters allowed you to place your own storyline to the dance. It could be my bias towards simplicity that drew me to the bright lights and crisp movements or my fascination with the integration reverberating sound in the performance, but En struck me in a way that I can not quite describe.

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