Elizabeth Vair Event Commentary: Yamato Drummers

The Yamato drummers of Japan demonstrated an old culture that is often neglected by outsiders. When people study another country, the traditional importance of music can often be overlooked. I have heard that drumming represents the heartbeat of a country or people, and the Yamato drummers exemplify that statement. It is a shame that music is not studied more as a cultural entity. When you plan to go to a new place, and you search it up, the first things that usually come up are traditional foods, clothing, colors, and sports. Music comes up, but it is often regarded as a pleasant or enjoyable experience, not as a profoundly cultural one. We hear it, we enjoy it, and we do not give it much thought regarding its importance. Music is a way of communication that crosses language barriers. Almost every culture has its own form of music that is an act of storytelling and it is time we acknowledge that instead of treating music as simply a pleasant experience.

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