Erica Harris- Campus Event Commentary, Macbeth

Macbeth was very well done with a different take on the play. The actors did a great job bringing something new to each of the characters and changing them in unique ways from the original play. I think one of the largest character changes is Lady Macbeth. In this version, she is more innocent and understanding compared to the original where most of the violence is because of her. The three witches were also more prevalent in this version with staying in almost every scene in the background without the characters noticing them. This added to the story that this all happened because of the witches’ prophecy, and it will not end the way Macbeth thinks it will. I loved the set design with the trapdoors to make the characters disappear to create a more mysterious feeling to the play. The various lighting during the play also added to the mood and setting of each scene. The play was very good, and I would definitely see it again. 

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