Erica Harris- Microaggression Panel

The microaggression panel explained more about microaggressions and made pertinent points about the topic. One was that microaggressions are almost like mosquito bites, and they accumulate over time. One may not make a large impact, but as they accumulate they become more painful. Everyone is different, and you do not know how someone may be affected by what is said. It is important to think through what you are going to say and be knowledgeable of how it may affect others. Another point is about being a bystander. If you are a bystander seeing a microaggression occur, stand up and say something. You should not dismiss it because addressing it will make the person more knowledgeable about what they are saying and how it may affect others. It will also show the victim that they are heard and not being looked over or dismissed. The microaggression panel did a very good job describing microaggressions and how it may affect people differently. I liked how the panel was composed of students because microaggressions are a large problem on college campuses, and they pointed out how important it is to stand up when hearing the microaggressions and how it may affect people differently. 

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