Gabby Morreale- Bryan Stevenson Campus Commentary

On Tuesday, January 28, Bryan Stevenson came to speak to the Davidson community about his work as a lawyer for those on death row. I thought that his speech was incredibly inspiring. Not only did Mr. Stevenson address important issues that affect American people, he talked about the issues with refreshing honesty. Contrasting with Raymond Santana, whose speech was a little more vague about the solutions to false convictions, Mr. Stevenson provided realistic and specific goals that each of us can strive to, including phrases like “confirm their dignity, confirm their humanity” and talking about how in order to solve and learn about a problem, we must come in close proximity to it. He did not deny that the racist systems put in place in America are complex and nuanced, and countered that notion by saying that hope is built on recognizing those complexities, because it means that we have a firm grasp on the situation and therefore can start on the path to a solution. He talked about how in order to implement long-lasting change, we must face things that are uncomfortable and engage with them. That way, we understand the problems in real time and will actively work to solve them or at least to improve them.

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