Ian Rolls – Kasich Event Commentary

I thought the Kasich event was really good, especially during the moderated discussion and student questions section. The questions prompted some good discussion and forced the speakers to stay on track. However, I thought Kasich’s monologue was very cliché, and it didn’t really offer a good message. It was definitely not worth the $40,000 that the school paid to bring him to speak. The message of “politics doesn’t matter as much,” was really concerning to hear from a politician, and his fatalism about the government, which has large amounts of power despite its potential to use it negatively, was not particularly encouraging to hear for a crowd of motivated college students. His monologue was almost solely based on the stories of individual people who wanted to make change, with the idealistic message that “anyone can do anything they set their mind too.” While this sounds good in practice, we all know that individual acts of kindness alone cannot change the world on their own, and the political system needs to reflect the interests of people who want to make the world better. This was an event that was definitely worth going to, but I left feeling a little disappointed after hearing what was little more than a generic motivational speech.

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