Ian Rolls – Tchaikovsky’s No. 5 Symphony

I visited the Davidson orchestra, which played Tchaikovsky’s No. 5 symphony, which was an amazing experience. I have grown up around lots of classical music: my twin brother played the piano when we were younger, and it was common for our family to visit the Denver Symphony orchestra when they put on special events. But despite that, I don’t often listen to classical music on my own time and therefore don’t have the same appreciation of the music that others do. However, the symphony was incredible because I was so close to the instruments that I could hear the sound really well, it resonated through the entire theatre and I could find myself being able to pick out the sounds of specific instruments in the orchestra. Also, the symphony had a wide variety of intensity and tone and, as the conductor mentioned, I could almost imagine a story being told alongside the music, like I was listening to a continuous movie soundtrack. I’m really glad I attended the event, and it definitely made me want to go to future symphony events because the music and musicians were stellar!

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