Isabel Nowak Reduced Shakespeare Company 9/13

As someone who enjoys laughing, I thought watching the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s performance would be a fun and interesting way to spend a Friday night. I admit I was also curious how the three men would manage to present so many of Shakespeare’s works in such a short time. Overall, I enjoyed the play, although the comedic nature of the performance occasionally overshadowed the actual Shakespeare.

One example of this was the Macbeth skit, which mostly consisted of the three men wearing kilts and speaking in unintelligible Scottish accents. In terms of humor, this felt like a bit of a low hanging fruit. The show as a whole had a similar abundance of crude humor and visual gags. I did enjoy some of this humor, including the dramatic overacting and crossdressing (my roommate reminded me that this had been part of the authentic Shakespearian experience). However, there were times when it was drawn out for too long, such as the running joke where one of the cast members pretended to vomit onto audience members repeatedly. I noticed that many people moved back from the front rows during intermission. Despite all of this, however, I had several genuine laughs throughout the night. Though I may not see it again, I would recommend the Reduced Shakespeare Company to anyone who has not seen them.

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