Jackson W. on “It Only Gets Worse From Here”

I’ve never liked Politico. I think it has too much voice; it’s too opinionated. Nonetheless, as far as editorialized news goes, Politico is pretty tame. Though, after hearing Mr. Allen speak, I’m not surprised the publication looks the way it does. Allen is an incredibly smart, levelheaded, opinionated man. And he owns it.

Staying on this topic, “spun” and “biased” news sources make both Mr. Kristol and Mr. Allen very worried for this nation’s future. We’ve all heard their worries being expressed before; could self-selected partisan news be dividing our country? “Maybe,” the two say. But they’re more worried about what “popular media” stops, rather than what it starts.

Allen blames mass-appeal, sensationalized news for the nationwide disappearance of local media. These local media organizations act as “watchdogs” for local and state governments, groups of politicians that Mr. Kristol suggests “probably shouldn’t be left unsupervised.” The side effect of getting caught up in the “Trump show,” Allen adds, is ignoring the politics that will most directly affect you; local level politics.

Allen and Kristol paint a grim picture for the future of American media. But the two remind us that while technology might be responsible for fake news, increasingly biased sources, and personalized news feeds, it makes reading reliable news much easier. And archives of old articles and newspapers are now more accessible than ever. We just have to look beyond our Twitter feed to find something worth reading.

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