Jane Berick microaggressions panel

Microaggressions are a very important topic to discuss, especially at a school like Davidson, where many students are coming from a place of white privilege. Even though they might not seem like a big deal, or may even be passed off as compliments, they are actually extremely harmful to marginalized groups and are spreading a larger, offensive social message, usually related to a stereotype. It is very important to remember that words have power, and the way that you intend for a remark to be received is not necessarily the way it will be received. I learned how vital it is for those in power to do the work necessary, that is often difficult or uncomfortable, to learn about why their remarks hurt, and to educate themselves (NOT rely on a marginalized person to educate them) about the systems in place that them on top and others on the bottom. Stupidity and ignorance are not good excuses in 2019 when we have the resources at our disposal to learn and grow.

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