Jane Berick Mind the Heart Campus Event Commentary

I really enjoyed listening to Maya and Roie talk about their time on the road, probably because talking to strangers and living in a van is not something I can ever picture myself doing. They really inspired me to focus less on the actual thing I’m creating and more on the art of creating itself, and reminded me that making anything, even if it’s bad, is better than not creating at all. Even things I think are bad can be transformed into a work I’m proud of. When they mentioned that the Hebrew word for mindfulness is more about the heart than the head, it made me think about our discussions on translation and how words can vary between languages. What does mindfulness represent in other languages? Also, when they were talking about asking yourself what 5 things need to happen to make each day a “good” day, I began to wonder if we should strive to have all 5 things happen each day. Wouldn’t that make every day a “good” day and devalue “good” days? Should good days be preserved for extraordinarily good days? Or should “good” days be the norm, and then should we strive to make each day “great”, with 5 new things that take days from good to great? This is just the stuff I think about. If anyone reads this I would love to talk about it more!

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