Kasich Commentary

On November 11th, former Ohio Governor John Kasich came to speak at Davidson. I was very interested to see how the event played out, as the republican Kasich would presumably be speaking to a largely democratic crowd. Perhaps due to the demographic of the listeners, Kasich stayed away from political issues altogether. Rather, he spoke like a commencement speaker, urging the students in attendance to find issues they care about and adamantly fight for them. It is the lack of passion, he said, that is the largest issue facing society today. 

Aside from the fact that Kasich attributed some of his political success to the will of God (tend your own garden, shoutout Voltaire), I enjoyed listening to him speak. He urged us to choose an issue or issues we feel strongly about, and vote by the issues and not by the party in the coming election. This is the first political speaker I have seen as a voting-eligible citizen, and I agree very strongly with his advice to vote by the issues. Politics are far too polarized in my opinion, and I liked listening to Senator Kasich.

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