Macbeth Commentary – Bryan Tran

I thought the showing of Macbeth was wonderful! Macbeth was my second play at the Duke Hall and it was presented very well. My favorite part of it all was the realization that the actors were fellow students, even some that I personally know! I feel like having that realization that I have to put effort into seeing “the truth” just shows how great the acting was. I also really enjoyed the interpretation and stage design. Having the witches go through trap doors just added another spooky effect. The witches to me had a very uneasy feeling that was somewhat different than the textual version. Also the simplicity of costumes allowed the acting feel more true and come to life. To love on the actors more, there ability to live through the character’s eyes and understand the meaning of text shows that power that the actors held. Also with some characters being opposite sex also was unrecognizable. Overall I am extremely excited to attend more fine arts performances!

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