Macbeth Commentary by Luna Jerjees

Entering the performance hall, I’m met with a grand display, the set built from floor to ceiling, covered in extravagant detail. We were seated in the first row, up close to the stage, and this greatly changed my reception of the play. The actors clearly had a deep understanding of the text and their interpretation reflected that. The depth of emotion shown throughout the play made the performance very interesting. I found it interesting that Lady Macbeth was portrayed as an innocent, submissive character, much different than Shakespeare’s version in which she is a major character and orchestrator. In the original play, she is responsible for much of the plot and is plotting behind the scenes. In this interpretation, she was more docile and acted more to reassure Macbeth rather than to scheme. I thought it was very interesting that many of the original male or female characters were played by someone of the opposite sex. It really made for a thought provoking experience.

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