Macbeth Commentary – Emily Ezell

Coincidentally, I saw the Davidson Theatre Company’s production of “Macbeth” exactly one year after my high school won the state championship for our production of “Twelfth Night.” I guess November 3rd is a day for Shakespeare. Having acted in a Shakespeare production myself, I think, allowed me to better understand each character and their contributions to the plot as a whole. While the complex story was interesting, I was most intrigued by the elaborate set and lighting designs. Upon walking into the theatre, an extended stage protruding into the house greeted me. The esteemed Humanities fellow Turner guided me to the seat he deemed the best in the house. He was certainly right. I felt like I was present in the very moment for the whole show; like the actors were only talking to me. In addition to the impressive stage with its multipurpose layers and trap doors, the lighting design also enhanced the production. The actors’ candles and flashlights added to the eeriness of the show.  Overall, I really enjoyed the production and watching the hard work of my fellow humsters. 

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