Macbeth Commentary – Emily McDill (11/3)

I thoroughly enjoyed the theater department’s take on Macbeth. One of my favorite parts of the production was how they utilized a singular set and background for the entire play, but still adapted it to match the scene. For example, the main platform that extended into the audience was used both like a foyer and a dining room table, depending on the context of the scene. I also liked the use of trap doors- when the witches jumped into the trap doors, it appeared that they were disappearing into thin air, and added an element of mystery while simultaneously  maximizing the limited space. I thought that the actors did an excellent job of portraying the intense emotional reactions of the characters, which must be difficult to do considering the dark subject matter of the play. The production had a dark and ominous atmosphere, which I did not experience while reading the play in high school, but believe is the mood Shakespeare intended to evoke. My one critique of the play is that it may have been hard for someone to follow the plot if they weren’t familiar with the storyline, but I think this is more a product of Shakespeare’s language, and not a fault of the actors. Overall, I was very impressed with the production- congratulations to everyone in Humes involved!

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