Macbeth Commentary-Prescott Breitling

I saw the Davidson College production of Macbeth on its last performance after hearing rave reviews about it the week before. I knew I couldn’t miss it, so I walked in on the last Sunday of its run already intrigued by a set that extended halfway into the audience. As I would come to find out this set design would have a major role in how the Davidson College Theatre Department presented to the audience Shakespeare’s classic tale of precarious politics and paranoia. The extension of the stage gave the production depth without confusing the audience. Multiple planes of action could be established so that the audience understood that two different things were happening during the same scene. The set also had convenient trapdoors to allow for cast members to come and go from a scene very fast. Not only was the set fantastic, the performances were all incredible. All of the actors embodied their roles perfectly and were truly believable as the characters they played. The fact that they were able to still convey great performances through thick Shakespearean dialogue makes the actors’ work even more impressive. 

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