Working on Macbeth has been revolutionary for em in many ways. I know the typical purpose of these is to analyze the material itself but I am far more inspired by the effect doing Macbeth has had on my life. Coming into Davidson I did not have a stable friend group. Every group I started hanging out with fell apart or acted in ways that made me want to leave. I Thought about transferring. I thought about going home. But I wasn’t happy at home and my friends at other colleges were struggling too. I felt hopeless. I had panic attacks and drilling anxiety. This all changed when I went to the theatre meet and greet. When I entered the barber theater I could see all that would happen there in front of me. Each person I met brought out parts of me I had forgotten. Everyone encouraged me to audition for the fall shows. I did and to my surprise I was cast as Lennox in Macbeth. The community of support I found in the Macbeth cast revolutionized my Davidson experience.  Furthermore, the plot of Macbeth echoed a theme from the Humanities curriculum. When violence is used to revolt against violence the new leadership will often be just as violent. Macbeths kills Duncan and when this violence is discovered Macduff must revolt against his leadership; however, Macduff uses violence to gain power. She gains power the same way Macbeth does, so who is to say her leadership will be any less violent. Violence should be solved with as little violence as possible.

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