Microaggression panel commentary Cathy Diop

I found the microaggression panel to be really interesting. To start off with, it was interesting to see who was in the audience and how people came out to support and learn more. The panel was all about bringing awareness to what microaggressions are and their presence on campus. In addition, it was very nice to hear about other students’ experiences. It’s not surprising that it does happen, but it was interesting to hear about it happening from professors and how the panel members would deal with that. I thought about it myself and I think I’d probably be a bit at a loss and feeling disengaged if I experienced a microaggression from a professor. Lots of people don’t actually know what microaggressions are and when discussing our evenings I had to define it to a friend. However, sometimes it’s hard for myself to identify when a microaggression is taking place and this makes me oblivious to certain things. The most important thing I got from this panel was that we all need to be more conscious in every sense. Not only should we be conscious about what we are saying and making sure that we aren’t committing a microaggression, but we should also support one another when someone experiences a microaggression. It’s hard to speak up sometimes but when someone is being brought down it’s nice to have support. We can’t just be passive because it’s not okay and if we don’t say anything nothing will change. This relates to the power of a single story in the sense that microaggressions often come from a single perception that’s believed. Honestly, just the fact that there was a microaggression panel to discuss it is a pretty big step to me. So many people have to just deal with the microaggressions they encounter daily and feel like it’s just the way things are. But by bringing awareness to issues that some might not even know are issues, I believe we are taking steps towards solving the issue.

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