Microaggressions with Common Ground

Microaggressions with Common Ground was a really good way to hear how other students, especially upperclassmen felt about microaggressions on campus and how to deal with them. It allowed me to ask some questions about how to handle these issues but also to know that I wasn’t the only student experiencing some of these issues. Often it can feel like microaggressions are something we go through alone or only within our small pocketed communities. With the turnout at the event and the array of identities present, it was beneficial to hear how these problems affect others. It was also a healthy opportunity to connect with others and make this problem more known. The panel defined what microaggressions are, how and when they tend to experience them, the cumulative effect, their own stories, and the best means of handling them. Many of the panelists touched upon how many times, they are intended as compliments or have no intention of harming someone but the difference between intent and impact is vast. The intent is to say something nice about that specific person but slights their identity and the greater community they are a part of. Also, they spoke to how these microaggressions are rooted in stereotypes and have to be based on an identity you can’t hide – race, gender, perceived sexuality, etc. I was excited to see Davidson take on an issue like this in such an open manner and to see the student body so eager to participate too.

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