Organ at Davidson

This is the first time in my life to listen a real organ in church. I used to listen to this instrument on my music theory class, but that is in the form of electronic mp3. This experience is amazing—the combination of the majestic view of the church and the loud music from the organ make me sit still for a minute. The instrument is similar to a grand piano, but the organ has a much bigger size, and the music comes out from it is somehow similar to the music of FC (Family Computer, or Nintendo Entertainment System) games. I have the image of some classic games whose time setting is in the middle of a stormy night in the Middle Ages for some pieces of the program. It is the great organ playing skills of Mr. Andrew Scanlon that enable me to link the beautiful music to my memory, and the experience of enjoying a calm evening in church may be one unforgettable time in my life.

The booklet given in church

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