Reem Fakhoury – Dance Ensemble Campus Commentary

I recently attended the Dance Ensemble performance here at Davidson per request of on elf my friends who was involved in one of the performances. They were in the Bhangra group.

I very much enjoyed all of the performances, they were all extremely well choreographed. It so much so intrigued me that I almost went again the next day to watch it once again.

During these performances, it made me wish I would have joined something like this with my time at Davidson, however, considering how swamped I have been with work etc, I found myself having much respect for those who put all their hard work into this, as it was absolutely amazing.

The one group that caught my most attention, besides my close friends of course, was BEST. BEST is a group that work with adults who have special needs, watching this performance almost made me cry. In this performance, from what I remember, they performed to around 4-5 songs with different dances, and it was the most heart warming thing to see. Not only were the dances very well choreographed and included lots of different moves, but the amount of happiness that was on these adults faces was extremely evident. Their performance was the most heartwarming thing I have seen in a very long time, and it almost gave me a sense of hope back into our world.

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