Reem Fakhoury – Raymond Santana Campus Commentary

I recently attended the Raymond Santana talk here at Davidson at the Lily Gallery.

During my time here at Davidson, I have had a lot of trouble personally and mentally, and I can day with certainty that attending this talk with Mr. Santana has completely uplifted me. The Exonerated 5’s story has always been absolute insane to me to being with, but to think I have met this man and heard his story first hand. He did not focus and dwell on the negatives and how the world has wronged him, but rather on what needs to be done so this does not happen again.

He explained his experience, his situation and how it has motivated him to change the situation, to make things better for all of us who the system was made to attack and target. He was completely vulnerable, told us about his healing process and intimated us into his world and we should all be aware of the privilege we have to see this side of the man who experienced hardships that were not his to own. His vulnerability and strength is something I will forever hold close and dear to me.

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