Robert Sparks event #2

Microaggressions Panel

The event consisted of a panel of students from many but not all backgrounds’ because then the panel would not have been as effective in hearing the views of the others on the panel. First the panel discussed the definition of microaggressions and how they gain power by mounting over time and by definition are unintended. Next because they are unintended that highlights the problem within society that makes other individuals feel as though it is okay to make comments on someone in regards to their accent, skin color, athletic ability etc. In some cases it may be seen by the perpetrator that the comment was supposed to be a compliment but whether out of ignorance or misconception they do not realize that their comment was in fact hurtful. Next the panel moved to real life experiences they have had facing microaggressions and then how they resolved or if they resolved the situation and the impact it had on them. Finally the panel concluded with opening the discussion to the floor for individuals to stand and ask questions or tell their situation and ask for advice which allowed for a broader discussion from a more diverse group.

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