Rock Peter Campus Event 2

Baik Art Residency: Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the opening of the Baik Art Residency at the VAC. The most interesting aspect of this for me was listening to Jagath Weerasinghe explain the art he was working on in the gallery. The theme for this residency is borders. Weerasinghe spoke about the idea that the two times in which people allow strangers to touch them is at the doctor and at borders. He spoke about the ideas of autonomy, and how you are never a complete self when you cross a border. Humans are never finished, always working and improving. Similar to art, which is never finished. Weerasinghe compared this to the Myth of Sisyphus, the man in Greek Mythology that, in the afterlife, has to push a boulder to the top of a hill only to let it roll back down. Weerasinghe said this is also like love. Every time you fall in love it is new, and every heartbreak is heartbreaking. Experience does not make life easier. This stream of consciousness was interesting to me. It felt like an insight into Weerasinghe’s artistic process. My takeaway was that life is interconnected, and finding similarities and continuities can make life more interesting.

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