Rock Peter Campus Event 3

This past weekend I went to Macbeth. I haven’t read Macbeth and hadn’t seen any interpretation of it. I went with someone who has read it, so I had a general concept of the plot and the main themes of the play. I experienced some difficulty in understanding the specifics of the plot in large part because Shakespeare’s language is much different from conversational English, and hearing it in real time makes it more difficult to follow than reading it. However, the strong acting and expressiveness made it a very enjoyable show. Having only seen this interpretation of Macbeth, I was very interested in the role the weird sisters played. It seemed almost as if they were simply a hallucination, or figment of Macbeth’s imagination. Macbeth became power crazed early in the show, unable to act as a virtuous king and instead trying to guarantee his power lasted. It seemed to me that Macbeth became very insecure in his title and became highly paranoid of the people he previously trusted. As a result he believed he was seeing three witches, predicting the future and helping him maintain the kingship. However, the results of the future happened only because of Macbeth’s brash actions. While I don’t think this is a correct interpretation of the show, I thought it was an interesting watching that was made possible by good acting on the part of the witches and the vivid nature of the scenes in which Macbeth is the only person in the room that can see corpses/the witches.

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