Skylar McVicar Campus Event MacBeth 11/3/19

Earlier today, I saw the afternoon production of MacBeth. After reading it in high school and forming my own opinions on how it would look live action, it was interesting to see the college director’s interpretation of set, lighting, characters, and dialogue. My two favorite scenes performed in today’s production were when MacBeth sees Banquo’s ghost at the dinner party in the castle and when Lady MacBeth admits her guilt while sleepwalking. In this first scene, the actor playing MacBeth did a great job of acting mad, and the lighting crew spotlighting the confused onlookers helped in my understanding of the situation. When reading the play, it is easier to understand that only MacBeth can see Banquo as a representation of his guilt and anguish; however, in a live performance, this concept can be difficult to grasp. Thus, I applaud the actors and the crew for making this particular scene so engaging and transparent. My other favorite scene was expertly performed because the audience could physically feel the subconscious guilt, agony, and torment that Lady MacBeth was experiencing for ordering the murders because of the incessant rubbing of her hands. The audience could feel the friction because we have most likely all rubbed our own hands before and felt the resultant heat. Congratulations to the cast and crew who worked tirelessly on this production.

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