Susan Rice Cultural Event- Rachel Gronberg

I had the privilege of attending Ambassador Susan Rice’s interview. Ambassador Rice is well-spoken and had great advice for Davidson students– you can do everything at 100% all the time forever. She also has a great personality and is impressive in her professional and personal accomplishments in so many aspects.

The most interesting thing that I heard Rice say was when she mentioned the political conflict that is apparent in her family. Her son is conservative and even used to be the leader of the Young Republicans group in his college, obviously opposing Ambassador Rice’s views, as well as her husband and daughter’s views. She said that it was the most important thing to everyone in her family to maintain their close connection even though they have differing political views. She also said that its the most impiortant thing to listen to each other with open hearts.

This seems cliche and is something I would easily write off if it wasn’t said by President Obama’s former ambassador. It made me think about how I could apply this thinking in my own family context. Sometimes I agree with my brother about financial views, but I find it much easier to agree to disagree with him on those views when I know that his ideas aren’t personal toward me in any way. Can I think about my conservative Christian aunts and uncles in the same way when I know that it’s their social ideas that are in contradiction to mine? Should I be expected to listen to my family with an open heart and to prioritize my family over our differing views when they disagree with my “homosexual lifestyle?”

I am not sure what Susan Rice would say on the matter, but it is certainly interesting to think about what Rice is truly calling for in her speech to love others beyond political boundaries.

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