Tchaikovsky No. 5 Concert – Emily Ezell

I walked into the Tchaikovsky No. 5 concert without knowing what to expect. I have never been one for classical music, so I was shocked when I found enjoyment in this performance. The concert left me surprised and curious. The introduction to the concert prepared me for the music to follow; it helped me understand the context and intentions of the music. Each piece tells a story and provokes an emotional response. The conductor described the story of the music as a ‘program.’ Storytelling does not require explicit text or imagery. Keeping in mind the idea of telling a story without a dependency on text, I found the concert more entertaining than the previous symphony concert my parents dragged my younger self to. I felt my appreciation of symphony music grow substantially. I made more sense of the music, followed the connection between the pieces, understood the intentions behind each sound, and found myself mesmerized by the perfect unity.

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