“The Central Park 5 / Raymond Santana” Commentary: by Alec Stimac

How can someone confess to something they did not do?

Was it the fear of the unknown? Were they too young and naive to understand the consequences? Was it forced upon them? What did their faces look like? Did they cry? Did they call out for their parents? Where were they? Who were they? They were children.

The public bought the fake news, their blood pumping full of hate against those five young boys from New York. They were wrongly convicted for sexually assaulting a woman in Central Park and became the most hated people on the Earth. 14 and 15 year old boys. The MOST HATED people on the Earth. And they had to prove the truth, they had to prove their humanity.

Even though Raymond and his new brothers eventually won, they still lost. They are now grown men with a gap of time they can never get back. Society controlled the narrative of their story. But it was a turning point for them, an epiphany. They realized we are all human, just like them, and can make a huge difference too if we speak our minds and our hearts. They need us all to fight. There is not one solution, but they need all hands on deck to affect change from within the broken criminal justice system. However, this advice relates to any revolution we pour our souls into. It takes effort and a channeling of community to create change.

“We still plant even if we can’t sit under the shade of the tree.”

Raymond Santana

At the end, we should live our lives to the fullest an go to the grave empty. Then you know your human experience was complete and full of light.

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