The Other Slavery Lecter

I closed my eyes during the Kelly Lecture on “The Other Slavery” and the lecturer’s words quickly transported me from the 900 Room into Hance. Andrés Reséndez called attention to the system of Native American slavery in American History. Throughout the lecture, Reséndez mentioned how the historical narrative emphasizes African slaver, but it pays little attention to native slavery. I sat there thinking, “historical narrative, narrative, Archive?!?!?” The lecture connected perfectly with the content of Bory’s unit: the collective narrative fails to equally represent different histories, perspectives, and opinions and, in turn, the Archive lacks documentation of these narratives. Reséndez described his studies seek to call attention to the native slave narrative and increase its presence in the archive. Leaving the lecture, I reflected on how interesting it would’ve been to have Reséndez give a lecture in Hance. The Humesters could have connected Resédez’s studies to their studies of narratives, archives, and performances.

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