theatre: Macbeth

The performance is great, greater than I would expect. It could be my bad English that I did not understand the plot in the beginning, but as soon as Macbeth started to kill, I got it. I watched the show on Oct.25, so actors and actresses could be a little bit nervous because it was a debut, and there were several misspoken lines, but did not influence the performance as a whole. It actually made the performance better in a certain degree—at least that made me felt that they are still Davidson student as I am, not some arrogant stars. The quiz in the brochure is very interesting, as well as the “WHO’S WHO” part. The theater department really present a majestic play. And the stage is also good—performers pop up and down so very naturally, and the sound of slamming the doors adds on the whole intense atmosphere. Our humes people are really amazing!

The stage

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