Thought Bubbles by Lilly Sandoval-Being Human:Disciplinary Reflections

Going into the talk that evening I never imagined conversation of conflict as storytelling. It forces one to analyze themselves and have a better outlook on life, rather than being uncomfortable or angry with clashing ideas. Since so many people use the fragments of their knowledge or what they learn from history as their whole version of the story, when in reality there are so many different outlooks to it. It all depends on one’s perspective, since there are so many stories which can be pulled from a single artifact. By approaching every one of these situations as a storyteller, or listener of one, then many conflicts of ideas can be resolved. However, it’s important to be aware that this may not always be the case for everyone, because sometimes they may not be susceptible to change their point of view or way of in taking information.The example used, which was effective, was that of older people versus college protests. Old people could see protests as young people being so sensitive to what’s happening in society. Yet students have been affected in so many ways recently, such as school shootings, therefore it’s believed that speech very quickly becomes action. Hence the overall take away from the talk was that we must view each other as different but also be able to view them as worthy of affirmation as well. 

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