Thought Bubbles by Lilly Sandoval – From Civil Rights to Social Justice

The discussion involved many speakers , but starting off the conversation was Anthony who said when he came to Davidson he was fighting for desegregating the bathrooms in the laundry rooms in 1992. The fact that this issue was still prevalent on campus took me by surprise. However he had also mentioned that although the campus made it feel like he didn’t belong he still went to go seek opportunities and take up space with intent of creating a better future and campus for those who followed him .Even though there were, and still are, struggles that people of color face today, I liked the additional narrative of their experiences in Africa. This piece had depicted a way in which they became more humble or came to the realization that they had the privilege to be able to study within the U.S. This made me think of the many opportunities I myself  am blessed to have, such as being a first generation student in college and having the opportunity to further my education and create a better future for myself and my family as well. Once Mr.Ferguson began sharing stories of his work on activism and within the courtroom it made me tear up. The stories of segregated schools (even after Brown v. Board of Education) , the violent acts attempted in courtrooms and the dangers they faced on a daily basis. It’s haunting to imagine that these incidents were less than a century ago. Yet the amazing part about it all is that Ferguson was able to fight through it and advocate for civil rights and social justice. One of his closing remarks stuck with me and that was “ I don’t have hate, I’m too busy.”. Regardless of all the struggles he’s endured he still manages to remain positive and that itself is an empowering concept.

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