Tomás Quintero: Homo Narrans

After hearing round two of Professor Quillen’s lecture on being human and the role that humans play as storytellers, I realized that I missed some of the points that she mentioned during our opening lecture. One of the main points that Quillen mentioned that brought me a new understanding was that even though we––and philosophers of the past––use the language of liberalism, which preaches freedom, equality and equal access for all, this sort of language does not apply to all to all people; the language of liberalism has its limitations and can be used to dehumanize others. By understanding the flaws that are inherent to the language of Liberalism, I now fully understand what Quillen was trying to say when she was explaining the value there is to listen to others and hear the stories that they are trying to say. By hearing the stories of others, and by letting their voices be heard, we can achieve a more well-rounded perspective on events, both present, and past. If we were to add this into the language of liberalism, we, as humans can develop a well-rounded perspective on events, something that is helpful for historians (Quillen is a historian!) because this helps them understand and develop a truer story on the history that includes all people.

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