Van Every Gallery Art Exhibition Commentary

The Virtual Rainforest
Interactive Game

This exhibition was an overall commentary on modern consumerism and capitalism. The project was broken up into three different areas, each with its own specific purpose. In the first room, there were digital “monsters”. These “monsters” were of everyday products that we often don’t think much of, ranging from books and briefcases to airplanes and cars. It also included an online game integrated into the Google interface. The game allowed you to traverse the internet but made you consciously fight off people trying to steal your information and things like such. You were battling different “monsters” in an effort to use the internet in peace. You had good and bad cookies and would find them in various common google searches.

In the next room, there was a virtual rainforest, almost like the Amazon. Instead of interacting with genuine nature, they had established a faux nature to elicit the same feelings of comfort, rest, and relaxation we associate with real nature. It comments on the way we often look for things without the desire to obtain the accompanying interactions that feel like inconveniences.

In the last room, there was a game in which you tried to stack as much as possible on a freight boat. As you stacked different objects, you were told what each one was but frankly too quickly to truly take note of what they were or the actual consequences of dropping them in the ocean if you missed. It’s very similar to the way that we want to maximize efficiency in the things we do but with little sense of the impacts it is having on the world around us.

I loved this exhibition and I felt like it brought to light many of the issues we often look over in our every day lives in a more light and interactive manner.

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