Paper Assignment: Research Paper

Comic book image of shocked reader

The research paper in HUM 103-104 lets faculty, fellows, and your Humes peers, but also any interested reader, see some of your best intellectual work in the course and from your first year at Davidson. We can see… Read More

Paper Assignment 1: Difficult Passage

Kandinsky circles

Paper Assignment 1: Difficult Passage

Paper Assignment 2: Scholarly Conversation

Untitled (Your body is a battleground) byBarbara Kruger

The second paper assignment asks you to map out a scholarly debate about a specific research topic, outlining its contours and offering your reader an account of the principal perspectives or poles of that debate. Although not every… Read More

Gallery Assignment

Park McArthur photograph depicting shadows of picnic table, from McArthur Park Overlook series

Each group of 11 or 12 students will select a work of art held in the college’s collection to represent their assigned unit. for a particular unit. Each group will do research in the collection (online and in… Read More