Paper Assignment #3: Primary Source Analysis

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The third paper assignment asks you to apply the skills you practiced in the “Difficult Passage” and “Scholarly Debate” assignments in order to analyze a historical artifact (or “primary source” in historians’ terminology), using both conceptual and contextual… Read More

Assignment Deadlines and Breakdown

All assignments due in Moodle by 5 p.m. on the due date FALL Campus Commentary 1 Due 9/30: Upload to Moodle by 5pm Paper 1 Draft 1 due 10/7: Upload as Word Doc to Moodle by 5pmDraft 2… Read More

Campus Commentaries

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You will be required to write 3 campus commentaries per semester (approximately 500-750 words each). Events should take place on campus or in Charlotte. The goal is to get you to take advantage of the opportunities you have… Read More

Paper Assignment 1: Difficult Passage

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Paper Assignment 1: Difficult Passage

Paper Assignment 2: Scholarly Conversation

Untitled (Your body is a battleground) byBarbara Kruger

The second paper assignment asks you to map out a scholarly debate about a specific research topic, outlining its contours and offering your reader an account of the principal perspectives or poles of that debate. Although not every… Read More

Paper Assignment: Research Paper

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The research paper in HUM 103-104 lets faculty, fellows, and your Humes peers, but also any interested reader, see some of your best intellectual work in the course and from your first year at Davidson. We can see… Read More