Unit 1: What is the Future?

Image of cyberspace

Weeks 1-4

Unit 2: Who is the Future?

Weeks 5-8

Unit 3: When Is the Future?

Image of a sun stone

Weeks 9-12 & 14-15

Digital Learning and Portfolio

Digital identity; fingerprint with computer details

Week 13

Unit 4: Aesthetics of the Future

Afrofuturist image of a woman looking to the left

Weeks 17-20

Unit 5: Ethics of the Future

Demonstrations from both sides of the abortion debate

Weeks 21-24

Unit 6: Ends of the Future

Painting of the fall of Tenochtitlan

Weeks 25-30

Learning Outcomes

Medieval nun writing at desk with angel whispering in her ear.

Learning Outcomes: Weeks 1-30