end-of-semester notes and to-do list


  1. Meet with your section teacher to talk about paper 2
    Do this during the week of Nov 30 – Dec 4, or, if you’re running late, any time until Dec 8.
    Your section teachers will let you know how to book those meetings.
  2. Meet with Scott Denham for the end-or-semester self-assessment meeting.
    Read the end-of-semester self-assessment guidelines and write your letter and send it.
    Meet anytime between Nov 30 and Dec 8.
    Book a time here. Meet in my zoom room as usual.

    UPDATED 1 DEC: some of you need more time, so take until Friday 18 Dec if needed. Please book your meeting before Dec 8 no matter when your meeting takes place.

texts and projects

  1. Paper 2 final version.
    Put this in the proper drive folder at least a couple days before your paper 2 final meeting with your teacher.
  2. Your self-assessment letter. Assignment here.
    Send this in a slack DM to @Scott anytime at least one day before your meeting with him.
  3. Your practice portfolio.
    Guidelines are here. It’s great to see some of your domains already up.
    Please have your domain up before December 8, but know that your portfolios are an ongoing project through the end of the year. I can imagine that those long dark December days will be prime time for testing out themes and ideas and layouts and the flow of your portfolios.
    As you think about your portfolio, have a look at this sixteen-minute video about the architecture of the course (from July) where I try to show the role of the portfolio.

    UPDATED 1 DEC: some of you need more time, so take until Dec 15 if needed. Let Prof. Denham know your timeline.

course feedback survey

  1. Unlike our ungrading and self-assessment protocols, which are exclusively internal to our course, the college also asks you all to fill out a survey about the course. That’s available in moodle. Take about 20 minutes to do that survey sometime before 20 November. This survey is a required part of asynchronous class work for us. Thank you. See detailed notes on this in slack.