Grant Hearne – Post on Unit 8 Movies and Meinhof Columns

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum

(!) In this movie, “freedom of the press” extends beyond a basic right and enters a space of immorality with a strong disregard for humanity and other freedoms. 

(?) Why does Blum act so calm when the police enter her home and throughout her initial investigation?

Baader-Meinhof Komplex

(!) there were generational divisions within the RAF which brought on new, intense and troubling tactics.

(?) Is revolution sacrifice? Many in the RAF sacrifice their relationships with their families. 

“Shadows of the Summit Pointing West”

(!) Meinhof parallels preparation for the Summit to the game of capitalism, as world leaders are “finding friends and clients.” In her sense, she is undermining the productivity of these meetings.

(?) Does Meinhof support the consolidation and international recognition of power in the Eastern Bloc? 

“Hitler Within You”

(!) “Pro-semitism is only half a response.” Moving away from Naziism required the consistent rejection of the ideas and practices of their era.

(?) Was the resistance to national socialism regional in addition to generational? 

“Vietnam and Germany”

(!) Legitimacy of the Vietnam War was carried solely by the support of Western leaders. This notion plays back into Meinhof’s parallel of diplomacy to capitalism. 

(?) Which news publications participated in the framing of the Vietnam War and what are some of the most shockingly misleading headlines or covers?

“Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf”

(!) Oppression of women is noted as having its roots in capitalism. The men are the “functionaries of capitalism” and desire the liberation of women to be privatized. 

(?) The protesting women in Frankfurt were from Berlin. What did the diaspora of the resistance in Germany look like? 


(!) Papers sell because the reader is attracted to the “aura” and columnists give the paper the “aura.”

(?) Do columnists really open up discussion or do they, through rhetorical devices and just enough information, tell the reader precisely what they think you should believe?

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