Jane Berick Unit 6 Assignment 2

!: “in their working, and in much of their emotional life, their attitudes are closer to other scientists than to non-scientists who in religion or politics or class have the same labels as themselves” (page 10). This is interesting to me because it shows how all encompassing their job is, if it makes them identify more closely with others in their field than those who understand how hard it is to overcome certain barriers to make it in a field, no matter what the field is. I would think those issues of overcoming obstacles would bond people closer than having the same job, but I guess not.

?: “The non-scientists have a rooted impression that the scientists are shallowly optimistic, unaware of man’s condition.” (page 5). This quote stood out to me because it makes me wonder how much any academics (and maybe I’m wrong in assuming members of both groups are academics) know about the plight of poor people, especially with how expensive college is now. When do they actually interact with those who struggle? Are they just reading about them? That’s a pretty weak interaction, and bold to assume they can understand the struggles of the average person. They seem so far removed.

From the top 10 scientific theories list, Einstein was mentioned, along with the laws of thermodynamics.

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