Julie Moock Two Cultures

(!) “When I say the intellectual life, I mean to include also a large part of our practical life, because I should be the last person to suggest that the two can at the deepest level be distinguished” (Snow, 3). I find it interesting that Snow finds one’s intellectual curiosity intertwined with the ways in which we act and think in daily life. It seemed that part of his argument lies in the idea that the paradigms which govern the two types of scholarship inherently influence one’s perception of the social world. (?) Why does Snow conflate academia and morality/social awareness as determined by one another? This conveys the message that “intellect” and Western thought are necessary to have a personal life of value with awareness of the human condition.

Theories I recognized: Game Theory, Plate Tectonics, Einstein’s Relativity, Evolution, Schrödinger’s Quantum Theory, and Heliocentrism

Experiments I Recognized: Eratosthenes, Mendelian Genetics, Marie Curie, Newton’s Optics, and Pavlov’s Dogs

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