!&? on Meinhof readings and the two films, Unit 8, Nikolaos Paramythiotis

Shadows of the Summit Pointing West:

!: The perception of the Soviet Union’s reduction of military as a proof of the Communist regime’s endurance and applicability is a very interesting insight by Meinhof!

?: Why would the Federal Republic make efforts to acquire a nuclear arsenal, since it is not currently entangled in any conflict and the possibility of having to use it for defense is almost zero?

Hitler Within You:

!: When it comes to reforming a society and its ideology from its roots, then truly no matter how many initiatives are taken, there even more that need to be done!

?: Can a society function if the majority of its older generation that comprises the backbone of the working population is denounced? How can it balance moving forward while simultaneously being dependent on the individuals responsible for its dark past?

Vietnam and Germany:

!: It is interesting how the Federal Republic supports a war that the U.S. is launching to take Vietnam under its sphere of influence which has no direct benefits for the former, in order to ensure advantageous treatment by the this great power!

?: Since the government’s actions are supposed to be in accordance to the public will, is a state justified to start or support a war when it is perceived to be of its national interest, even when there is heavy and wide-spread criticism by the public against this decision?  

Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf

!: The same exact behavior of the men in Frankfurt aiming to degrade women and what they advocate for makes up one of the reasons that deem it worth advocating for!   

?: When a private issue is evident in household after household, and affects the life of family after family, then is it still merely a private issue?


!: The fact that a newspaper has certain columns in which different views on events than the one in the main article are expressed does not undermine at all the ability of the newspaper to present its biases as facts, while also offering a façade of pluralism.

?: Is it possible that someone starts a newspaper without having, or seeking, any political affiliation, and even so, is it realistic to hope that it can be established as a mainstream media without the increased funding that the aforementioned affiliation grants?

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum:

!: The Bild newspaper was from the 1950s up until the 2010s the most read newspaper in Germany, despite being widely known for exaggeration of facts, distortion of the truth and political bias!

?: Where should the boundaries of the amount of force the state can use in order to prevent criminal activities and ensure the safety of its citizens be set?

Baader-Meinhof Komplex

!: The convergence in ideology among terrorist groups evident after the 1960s has led to the shaping of terrorism as a truly global phenomenon!

?: 1) West Germany was widely considered to gradually becoming a police state in the “German Autumn” of 1977, as a means to end the activities of the RAF. To what extent is the state justified to sacrifice the privacy and freedom of individuals in the name of “public safety?”

    2) As we saw in Locke’s theory of the social contract, the state should be considered the product of an agreement between individuals to abandon some extent of their “total freedom” in order to be able to coexist and form a society. To this, Rousseau introduced the more radical idea that when the government does not act in accordance to the interest and desires of its citizens, they have the right to overthrow it and establish a new one. In this respect, if we accept that West Germany was a state sheltering Nazi sympathizers and there was no way to achieve its reformation through the existing state structures, then are extrajudicial means towards reform justified? Should having the support of the majority be considered a needed condition?

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