Post on C.P. Snow — Louis Onoratini

!: The divide between both intellectual fields is growing and the specialization in education is not helping. This trend is worrisome because these fields are both needed for human development and their alienation from each other is stopping our society from growing as well as it should.

?: Why force people to study a field they do not want to study when they know which field they would rather study? Meaning, if someone knows they would like to become a scientist and know that the classics are not of their interest, is it worthwhile to force that knowledge down their throats? 

“For constantly I felt I was moving among two groups — comparable in intelligence, identical in race, not grossly different in social origin, earning about the same incomes, who had almost ceased to communicate at all, who in intellectual, moral and psychological climate had so little in common that instead of going from Burlington House or South Kensington to Chelsea, one might have crossed an ocean” (Pg.2)

“As a group, the scientists fall into that trap less than others. They are inclined to be impatient to see if something can be done: and inclined to think that it can be done, until it’s proved otherwise.That is their real Optimism, and it’s an optimism that the rest of us badly need” (Pg. 7)

“It is at the same time practical and intellectual and creative loss, and I repeat that it is false to imagine that those three considerations are clearly separable.” (Pg. 11)

Scientific Experiments: Robert Pain Stresses Starfish, Robert Millikan gets a Charge, Ivan Pavlov Salivates at the idea, Marie Curie’s work matters

Revolutionary Scientific Theories: Plate Tectonics, Special Relativity, General Relativity, Quantum Theory, Evolution by Natural Selection, Heliocentrism 

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