Sadie Blackshear Unit 6 Assignment 2

!: “The total incomprehension [of science by literary intellectuals] gives […] an unscientific flavor to the whole ‘traditional’ culture.” pg. 11

This quotation struck me because I am one hundred percent guilty of this complete incomprehension that leads to the unscientific, then anti-scientific, tinge of our society. I had never before considered how non-inclusive of science our society is in regards to name recognition and understanding the nitty-gritty of how things work. Everyone is required to go through classes that involve deep analyses of various famous writers, but, at least in my experience, it is possible to slide by in a science class without fully grasping why things happen or who is responsible for what. I instinctively define myself as “not much of a STEM person,” even when I am fully capable of understanding it if I put in the work, thus shutting me off from many avenues of learning.

?: “Most of our fellow human beings […] are underfed and die before their time.” pg. 7

This quotation of Snow threw me off because his definition of the social condition (as opposed to the human condition) is unclear. Is he implying that the social condition is that people are “underfed” intellectually, and must strive to broaden their minds to live a fulfilling life? Is he suggesting that literal starvation and lack of access to food are not being as prioritized as they should be because Academia is taking the attention of intellectuals? Is he implying that we, as a society, in dividing ourselves between the two cultures are not helping each other because of our division and therefore not reaching our full potential?

Recognized Theories:

  1. Game theory – John Nash (John von Neumann & Oskar Morgenstern)
  2. Plate tectonics (Alfred Wegener & J. Tuzo Wilson)
  3. General relativity – Albert Einstein
  4. Quantum theory – Max Planck & Albert Einstein (Niels Bohr*, Werner Heisenberg*, Erwin Schrödinger*, Max Born, Paul Dirac)
    • *=familiar? probably just from Breaking Bad though
  5. Evolution by natural selection – Charles Darwin
  6. Heliocentrism – Copernicus

Recognized Experiments:

  1. William Harvey (Discovery of blood circulation)
  2. Rules of genetic inheritance – Gregor Mendel
  3. Nature of color & light – Isaac Newton
  4. Radioactivity – Marie Curie
  5. Conditioned reflexes – Ivan Pavlov
  6. Wavelike nature of light and electrons (Young, Davisson, and Germer)

*It should be noted that I definitely could not identify every person who conducted these experiments or crafted these theories or vice versa; I just have a simple recognition of either the occurrence or the names. I clarified which I recognized by placing the unknown info in parentheses.

Also, I think that C.P. Snow’s “Two Cultures” is a transcript of a lecture in this format.

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