Sam Heie, Unit 5: Assignment 1

Birns: “Lemon, though, wants his audience not only to appreciate what they see onstage, but to also understand that the performance is an outgrowth of a larger process, and not an inevitable event.” (pg. 19)

Question: As a member of the audience, how is it possible to perceive and interpret all of the elements of Lemon’s performances?

Observation: Meaning is dually dependent on the presentation and the interpretation of the performance.

Schneider: “Within a culture which privileges object remains as indices of and survivors of death, to produce such a panoply of deaths may be the only way to insure Remains in the wake of modernity’s crises of authority, identity and object.” (pg. 105)

Question: Is videoing and archiving performance worth it or does performance lose its punch if communicated through a medium?

Observation: Physical remains are equally as interpretable as performance.

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