Sam Heie: Unit 6, Assignment 1

“The non-scientists have a rooted impression that the scientists are shallowly optimistic, unaware of man’s condition. On the other hand, the scientists believe that the literary intellectuals are totally lacking in fore-sight, peculiarly unconcerned with their brother men, in a deep sense anti-intellectual, anxious to restrict both art and thought to the existential moment.” Snow, p. 5

!: While scientists define themselves through original processes, literary intellectuals define themselves in opposition to science (pg. 11)

?: What is it about scientific thought that generally correlates to more liberal political thought?

Scientific experiments that I recognize: Eratosthenes, Mendel, Newton, Curie, and Pavlov

Scientific theories that I recognize: game theory, plate tectonics, special and general relativity, evolution, and heliocentrism

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