Translation comparison – Sarah Zhang

Personally speaking, I prefer Anderson’s translation because it it’s easier for me to grasp the poetic aesthetics. For example, Anderson’s translation clearly demonstrates more awareness on rhyme and the structure of sentences.  However, the attention on rhyme certainly limits the choices of words. Also, Anderson’s translation adapts more to the English literary environment instead of presenting the Russian portrayal. His translation took away a lot of Russian expressions and translated them into something that English speakers can easily appreciate. There is no definite guideline for a good translation. Thomas’s translation is for sure more accurate or “true” to the original work. For me a good translation should help me understand the work better, while for Thomas’s translation is makes me feel a little more confused.       

!: During many discussions, I found out that people automatically use the word “wrong” when describing ideological monopoly.

?:Since people’s voices are so restricted, what, and how it, triggered Russia to change? 

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