“Two Cultures,” Lauren Meyers

?: Snow claims that “the separation between the scientists and non-scientists is much less bridgeable among the young than it was even thirty years ago” (17-18). Has this divide become even more pronounced since 1959? If so, what are some possible reasons for this?

!: At the time that Snow wrote, it seems that the two cultures could agree on the fact that there were certain facts that could bring us closer to the truth about things. With the rise of skepticism during the 1970s postmodernist movement, however, “non-scientists” began calling into question the notions of objective reality and universal truths. It seems that the divide between the two cultures has grown more rigid since this movement, for it is difficult to create a shared body of knowledge between two cultures when one questions the entire notion of objective knowledge.

Scientific Experiments Recognized:

  1. Mendel, Genetics
  2. Newton, Eyes Optics
  3. Pavlov, Conditioned Reflexes
  4. Millikan, Electron Charge

Scientific Theories Recognized:

  1. Game Theory
  2. Plate Tectonics
  3. General Relativity
  4. Quantum Theory
  5. Evolution
  6. Heliocentrism 

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