Unit 5 Post 1 – Jack Lyons


In the theater the issue of remains as material
document becomes complicated – necessarily
imbricated, chiasmatically, with the live body. For
the theater, to the degree that it is performative,
seems to resist remains. And yet, if theater refuses
to remain, it is precisely in the repeatedly live
theater or installation space that a host of recent
artists explore history – the recomposition of

? : Is this similar to the translation lecture in that a living document which is constantly retranslated reveals a greater and more transcendent truth.

! : A theater as a place in which history can be explored in the present living space.


The ultra-historicism of official memorials makes us
think the past is finished, when we still have the power to construct it.

? : If history can be constructed, though, then what is true? Should empiricism be left behind when discussing history?

!: Like the conception of history Dr. Denham brought up by Walter Benjamin!

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